Bula Kava House – Solomons Kava

Bula Kava House has got its hands on some rare Solomon Islands Kava, which only a few vendors have carried up to this point. Oddly, I encountered some Solomon Islands Kava last week at a new Kava bar that opened in San Diego. But, like many Kava bars, they brewed theirs a little on the weak side and flushed out the flavor with coconut juice.

This Kava is a heavy and heady super combo that hits you quick and pretty hard. It has a very pleasant, mellow flavor reminiscent of a Tongan or Fijian Kava, but a rapid punch impact that reminds you of a Vanuatuan Kava. The taste, like other Solomon Island Kavas I have had, is absolutely stellar and would make for a great introductory Kava for your friends. Although it is not True Kava Noble Certified, none of the initial effects would make me believe that it isn’t a Noble Kava.

See the video review of this Kava:

Solomon Islands Kavas are known for producing a low buzz that kind of hums through the body, and a stony heady feeling that makes you feel relaxed and focused. This Kava pretty accurately captures all of those effects, and with pretty remarkable strength. I’d put this Kava on your shopping list to broaden your offerings and definitely to open the way if you’ve been itching for a trip to the Solomon Islands.

Because of its deep, vibrant effects I would recommend this as an evening Kava and possibly a weekend Kava.

*UPDATE: Solomon Islands kava is noble as verified by HPLC with a 246 chemotype and approximately 9% overall kavalactone content

  • Strength (Mind) – 8.5/10
  • Strength (Body) – 7.5/10
  • Flavor – 9/10
  • Overall Strength: High – Strong
  • Best time to drink: Evening Kava or Weekend Kava