Squanch – Fijian Kava

I appreciate a good trailblazer, or an entrepreneur coming out of nowhere and reinventing or reintroducing something. I feel like I kind of did that myself with the Kavasseur blog – helped fuel a soothing revolution to quell the nerves of those of us willing to sling back pond water tasting sludge on a regular basis.

Squanch is a newcomer to the Kava world, and I have never seen anything like them. They have some mysterious connection – I picture handshakes in coconut groves as baskets of Fijian Kava aggregate on a sago palm mat – to Kava farmers. And the quality of Kava is extremely high. It is soft, soothing, and very good to keep around as a daily Kava. It is the essence of an anti-anxiety Kava.

If you want to have a heavy session with Squanch Fijian Kava, you’re more than welcome to do so. I brewed a huge bowl (1 cup of root to 3 cups of water) and drank the whole thing within a day. The first few shells had me smiling and rocking away. The last few shells put me out. So you can gauge your own level of intake and make this a soothing or a shelling Kava.

Oh, and it tastes great 🙂

You can only buy directly from Squanch. Email: samsquanch1972(at)gmail.com

Effect (Mind) – 9/10

Effect (Body) – 8/10

Taste – 9/10

Strength – Variable and easily manipulatable into a nice relaxing Kava to a laying-down-on-the-bench getting stoned with islanders Kava. Medium strength

Good for – anxiety, social anxiety, stress, winding down, getting krunked

Squanch Fijian – 8.6/10

Author: Kavasseur

Farmer and humanitarian aid specialist.

6 thoughts on “Squanch – Fijian Kava”

  1. And today it rains on the California coast – well, there’s a few drops falling, and the sky is grey (she sang). So yea, anyway, agreeing with the Kavasseur here. Squanch arrived on my doorstep yesterday (the kava not the guy – although…..) and I had to try a shell or two straight away. Posted a review, well a response to a review, over on kavaforums.com immediately, and need to reiterate that this is definitely one of the best kavas I’ve ever tried. It seems me and waka get along really well – negates the anxiety, keeps me calm and focused and even though I can’t drink it at night during the week, I think its helping me sleep. Hope this one stays in stock for a very long time.


    1. My kava supposedly from Figi tastes terrible I live in Australia and brought it privately l payed $130AUD for 1kg. The first time trying it I didn’t get any effect from 1 cup of kava powder to 4-5 cups cold water. I kneaded for 20 minutes through a cotton nut milk bag. Can you help me please


      1. Hmm.. that sounds like it’s bad Kava. You should definitely feel effects from 1 cup of Kava root with 20 minutes kneading. Did you buy it online and can you share a link?


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