Kalm with Kava – Micronized

Kalm with Kava’s micronized Kavas are similar to instant Kavas – you just mix them with water and are ready to drink your krunk juice! But the main difference is that they are not dehydrated from processed Kava, but rather milled until the Kava is fine enough to be prepared directly with water. So you get a huge rush of kavalactones without all the work of traditional preparation.

The feeling you will get from this Kava is strong, undebatable, and will leave you calm and happy. The Fijian and Tongan strains are a bit more relaxing and calming, while the Boronguru and Boguru Vanuatuan Kavas are a bit more sociable and good for milling about. Either way, you’re in good hands with these micronized Kavas.

Below I have posted some links to buy this micronized Kava on Amazon.com. By buying through these links, you help support my website and get really fast delivery!

Author: Kavasseur

Farmer and humanitarian aid specialist.

5 thoughts on “Kalm with Kava – Micronized”

  1. Just finished a Vanuatu Borogu (4 oz) linked from the review. Didn’t last as long as my usual medium grind, because it’s a little too easy to prepare. Good stuff though.


  2. Hi..Im new to Kava..so doing a little research..Im pretty sensitive to foreign elements in my system, wether natural or chemical…On a side note,I dont do well AT ALL with weed..can you recommend a kava good for generalized anxiety..thats not gonna knock my on my ars, just a nice mellow, take the edge off kind of feel, maybe something I can drink before work, since I deal with the public and naughty work mates. Thanks so much ! I enjoyed your videos.

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  3. Kava can hit first-timers who are sensitive pretty hard. What I would suggest is trying out a starter kit. You can link to the Kalm With Kava starter kit or the Real Kava kit in the Rootshop at the top of my homepage. Those are both good places to start. They will send you a sieve and a shell. Just try making a light batch and moving slowly. Kava is not like weed AT ALL. So don’t worry about having that kind of reaction. Kava is a natural anti-anxiety herb and doesn’t create confusion or hallucinations. You will most likely get that initial shock that your body gets whenever a foreign substance hits it, but it will be so mild that you won’t even worry about it. It then washes over you and gives you a very mellow, relaxed feeling. Kava is probably exactly what you need. Trust me.


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