Kavafied – Fijian Unground Root Hairs

Kavafied is one of the few Kava vendors that will send you dried Kava Roots hairs for a modest amount of coin. For $35, you get a pound of Kava Root Hairs. At first, my reaction to this big bag of roots and corm was “what the hell do I do with this?” I had heard whispers of putting it in a blender and making a powder that could be kneaded. But then I just popped a cigarette-sized root in my mouth and “got it.” Chewing Kava is totally different than drinking Kava. I might even blaspheme and say that it is more intense, more satisfying, and possibly even more efficient. The strength, flavor, and benefits hit you all at once as you masticate this wonderful medicine. I think I’ve found a new favorite way to consume Kava.

Squanch Kava – Fijian Lawena

Squanch Kava’s Fijian Lawena is their second powder on the market, and it debuts along with their new website. This Kava is a real knock-out anxiety reliever. Having tried it twice already, both in the evening times, one characteristic I’ve noticed from this strain is a headiness that leads to some pretty intense “Kava Dreams.” If you are into lucid dreaming, and Kava acts as a dream enhancer to you (it does to me), then this will be a great Kava for you. If you also like a medicinal-grade Kava for anxiety relief, this should become your go to.

Squanch Kava – Fijian Lawena

Headiness – 9.5/10

Body – 9/10

Taste – 9.5/10

Strength – Medium-high strength, nighttime Kava

Good for – Stress relief, sleep aid, dream enhancer

Squanch Fijian Lawena – 9.33/10


Again, I recommend the AluBall for this (and all) powdered Kavas. It’s a quick and easy way to make potent and effective Kava. Make sure you double up the AluBalls!