Kava Time – Savusavu Waka

Kava Time Savusavu is a Kava that really comes out of left field. A new vendor, a new style of packaging, and a great result. From the time it is ground in Fiji to the time you open the package at home, the Kava has not touched air. Therefore, it has a farm-fresh smell and taste and goes down like almond milk.


What really stands out about this Kava is its potency and balance. It is both heady and relaxing. It satisfies your mental state as well as any relief you are looking for in your limbs. Having been a Kavasseur of Fijian Kavas for many years, I immediately recognized the Savusavu flavor but was blown away by the potency of this Waka. One thing to be aware of is that this is not the best Kava as a sleep aid. It is a great social Kava, and will likely give you the gift of the gab. You will feel very relaxed, but sociable. Like most Wakas, it puts you in a great mood, but not necessarily the mood for sleep.

Kava Time’s website: https://www.kavatime.us/


Taste – 10/10
Mind – 9.75/10
Body – 9/10
Strength – Strong/Very Strong

Kava Time Savusavu Waka – 9.583/10

Author: Kavasseur

Farmer and humanitarian aid specialist.

7 thoughts on “Kava Time – Savusavu Waka”

  1. Interesting, I have drank the kava from Savusavo and found it to be more relaxing and less heady them others. I prefer different regions of Fiji in that regard. I am still looking forward to the review once it uploads. I was enjoy your personal take on any kava, despite my personal experiences with the same root.


    1. I think this is because the word “heady” is used to mean different things. It’s a bit confusing. I take it to mean “an altered state of mind which is more relaxed, focused, and dreamy.”


  2. For some reason I’m not feeling this kava very much, I broke my reverse tolerance a long time ago and everything too. I make it the same way I usually do and everything. Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you first start taking a cultivar you don’t feel it much and after awhile you feel it more? This has happened to me a couple times with pouni ono. I hope it’s not that this stuff isn’t good and more about reverse tolerance to some specific kavalactones. ..


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