The Kava Roots – Vanuatu Select

The Kava Root’s most recent contribution, “Vanuatu Select,” puts me firmly back on the Vanuatu train. I had forgotten how mind-blowing Vanuatu Kava can be. I feel like I’ve been walking through the (Fijian) Waka rain for so long, that I’ve forgotten how things are done in the steamy villages of Pentecost Island. Well, this stuff will put you right back in the narrative of “Getting Stoned With Savages.”

“Vanuatu Select” is a Borogu from South Pentecost Island, and tastes and feels like one of the rarer and more sought-after varieties. It’s a brownish medium grind Kava that is easily served up in an AluBall, but of such a rare quality that I would recommend traditional prep.

It’s effects are immediate and undeniable. This is a “5 minute 5 hour Kava,” coming on quick and strong within a few minutes but really making itself known for several hours. It is characterized by a heavy headiness that is probably a bit much for concentration, and it peters out into a great heavy sleeping Kava. You’ll saw logs all night but wake up like a spring chicken.

Most of all, “Vanuatu Select” is a powerful hitter. It’s extremely strong, and really has no parallel currently available by any other vendor.

With “Vanuatu Select,” The Kava Roots adds a second Kava to their solid lineup. Having one of the best Tongans on the market and the current Vanuatu heavyweight champion is no small victory.

Strength – Extremely Strong, nighttime Kava or weekend Kava

The Kava Roots “Vanuatu Select” – 9.75/10

Author: Kavasseur

Farmer and humanitarian aid specialist.

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