6 thoughts on “The Kava Roots – Tongan Family Reserve”

  1. Oh, Doug. You’ve done it again! You’ve made me want to spend my hard-earned pennies on what sounds like an amazing kava. Loved all the Kava Roots offerings – but you’ve really sold me on
    this one! Ordering now!

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  2. So I went ahead and ordered as I was fearful it would run out! However I noted that Paulie-Paul says this is heady kava. I kind of got the impression it was more balanced – especially from some of the other reviews. What’s your take on that, Doug?


  3. Thanks Doug, for the wonderful review. I’m proud of this one, and the farmer and his family that I deal with are wonderful people and always open to working with me to make the best Quality Kava we can. Only problem is I now have non left for me to drink, LOL!


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