Ozia Originals – 24 Wave Fijian Noble Kava

Ozia Originals, The makers of the Kava world’s beloved “Kava Candy,” are now getting involved in the Kava powder market – though in a subtle and refreshing way. According to Ozia Originals, they decided to offer this Kava as a “premium” type of Kava that is light, refreshing, and calming. This Kava nicely fills in the niche of “everyday Kava” that can be consumed over long sessions. In addition to having almost purely anxiolytic effects, this Kava is light and fresh-tasting, with that signature “coconut juice” flavor and absent of any peppery notes whatsoever. This is a great addition to the Kava line-up, and certainly a welcome new member of the Fiji Kava family.

Please click the link below the video to purchase this Kava!


Buy Wave 24 Fijian Kava Here!


Author: Kavasseur

Farmer and humanitarian aid specialist.

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