Tanoa Talk – Kavasseur Podcast (Episode 2)

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Author: Kavasseur

Farmer and humanitarian aid specialist.

3 thoughts on “Tanoa Talk – Kavasseur Podcast (Episode 2)”

  1. Any plans on doing more humanitarian work in the South Pacific, so you can slam proper fresh shells after a long hard day of humanitarianism? Do you have any say-so in where you go, if not, how about trying to start some kava cuttings in Africa?

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  2. Great Video. Good Points! I feel like I’m there with you across the world with your beautiful family, talking the Tanoa Talk and embodying the Chug Life!

    I will say that I’m not a fan of the kratom all over the US mainland kava bars. I just dont think the respective scenes really mesh the way all these kava bars seem to think they do. I’m always a bit dissapointed when I want to start talking with the server about the kava I’m enjoying, only to get a response like “Try our kratom. It’s much stronger”.

    I get it, they are just pushing product, but real Kavasseurs want to go out for some gooood strong grog and talk about its character. What makes it special and unique!

    If I was mosey-ing around town looking for the strongest drink I could find, I’d be looking for booze. I think the kratom scene… and specifically pushing the kratom real aggressively, keeps the kava-curious from ascending to the esteemed level of Kavasseur, masters of the Chug Life!

    That said, some of the best kava bars in the continental US sell kratom, and My viewpoint is certainly not gospel. I certainly don’t believe the quality of a kava or the practices of a vendor should ever be questioned by whether or not said vendor offers kratom or any other products.

    Kava Time sells coffee. I personally do NOT feel right when I mix kava and caffeine. Is it right for Kava Time to offer coffee? OF COURSE ITS FINE!

    Good points about Tudei too. My opinion is that the ethical sale of Tudei involves:

    1) proper labeling

    2) making the patron aware of the general controversy surrounding tudei, what it means, and why some choose not to drink it

    3) offering a Noble alternative.

    Noble is the everyday drinker. If you want regulars…have some kind of Noble kava always on the squeeze!

    Thats my 2 cents!


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