Kavasseur 2.0 – Root of Happiness Frozen “Fresh Hawaiian Nene”

From Root of Happiness in California, Chuggs and I krunk it out with Frozen Fresh Hawaiian Nene! This stuff is fresh, full body washilicious and creates both a good social and a good deep sleep relaxation mode. Get it while it’s fresh!

Author: Kavasseur

Farmer and humanitarian aid specialist.

2 thoughts on “Kavasseur 2.0 – Root of Happiness Frozen “Fresh Hawaiian Nene””

  1. So stoked to try some fresh kava! I missed my opportunity to try Paradise kava’s fresh kava back in the day, and now finally once again I can experience the fresh stuff! Thanks for all your hard work Douglas!


  2. I grow ‘Awa on Big Island. I am intimately familiar with Hawaiian ‘Awa and have been drinking it my whole life. This Nene is the strongest Nene I’ve ever mixed. The only way you get that strong is with pure lateral roots and even then it’s tough to get this potent. I can tell it’s not just lateral roots because it tastes smooth like it should when you use the stump in the mix. I would be very interested to know where these plants were grown out here because there’s never been nothing like this that I’ve ever seen here. 100% fire. I’ll contact them and post back.


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