Fiji Vanua Kava – Four Reviews

Really enjoyed shelling deep into the evening with these four Kavas. I will say that there is a lot to choose from between these four Kavas. They all bring a lot to the table. The Loloma Waka is a heavy-hitting sedative Kava and the Malo Tonga is balanced magic (and the winner for me). I could have a bag of the Lawena around for any time of the day, which is also a great option. The Old Roots are a peppery blast to the nerves and exactly what one would expect from a strong Waka.

Author: Kavasseur

Farmer and humanitarian aid specialist.

One thought on “Fiji Vanua Kava – Four Reviews”

  1. Awesome reviews! Thanks! I have really enjoyed Fiji Vanua’s kavas. Tesh, the owner, has generously included some small (3 oz ish) samples with my orders. Clean taste, (Santa Cruz is a little gnarlier), great effects and a good price!


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