Isondu – Argentine Organic Barbicua + 24 month Aged Yerba Mate

Isondú means “little bug of light” in Guarani. This Yerba Mate comes out of the Misiones region of Argentina and is dried and smoked using the barbicua method and then naturally aged for 24 months. The barbicua method is a slow processing method that gives Yerba Mate a smoky, firewoody, and often baked cookie kind of smell and flavor. It lowers the acidity of Yerba Mate and is more gentle on the palate – a thing that greener Yerba Mates are notorious for.

Flavor – 9.5/10

Energy – 9/10

Value – 8/10

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CBSe Guarana Yerba Mate

CBSe Yerba Mate Guarana is made from Yerba Mate tea with Guarana extract added for flavor and added energy. It is an Argentinian Yerba Mate that costs about $10 per 500 g or $20 per kilo. The flavor profile is slightly sweeter than a traditional Mate with a raspberry bubblegum flavor that sits on top of the smoky and acidic flavors of this high quality Yerba Mate. The tea is overall a more coarse texture with some tea dust evident when you pour the dry tea into the gourd.

Flavor – 8/10

Energy – 8/10

Value – 8/10

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