Announcing Kavasseur 2.0!

The Kavasseur is back in America. After two years roughing it in Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, and Ghana I’m back in the mid-Atlantic mixing up Tanoas in the savannas of Baltimore. The Kavasseur comes back with a slew of new Kavas to get loopy and bizarre with – fresh frozen Kavas from Root of Happiness, new micronized additions to Bula Kava House, a re-visit to the dirty oily Squanch-lands, and a carving of the 24 Wave from Ozia originals.

Stay tuned as I, once again, come out of retirement for more live-streamed krunking.

And while we’re at it, let’s appreciate that people have stole my pictures and used them for their Kava advertisements on (not the one that’s burning).


Kavasseur is Back Next Week!

I’ve been in Madagascar on a humanitarian mission, and in Ghana visiting my family. But I’m happy to say I’ll be back next week with reviews of new Bula Kava House Kavas and a Kava Time Kava!


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Meanwhile, enjoy this picture from Ghana: