Big Kava – Premium Waka

Big Kava, a new player among many new players in the Kava world, comes out of the gates strong with a Premium Waka from Fiji. This Kava is a fine ground made from lateral roots. It is very fresh, very potent, and hits the spot as a daily Kava. This is probably the ideal anti-anxiety Kava, because it provides a very strong relaxing effect and puts your nerves to complete rest.

Effect (Mind) – 8.5/10
Effect (Body) – 7.5/10
Flavor – 9/10
Strength – Medium/Mildly Strong and very effective against anxiety
Best for – Relaxation, Anti-Anxiety, Sleep Aid

Big Kava Premium Waka – 8.3/10

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Premium Grade Kava Root Powder (1 lb) By Big Kava – USA Certified Noble Grade – High Quality – Super Relaxation – Bonus Kava Guide

Bula Kava House – Nangol Noble

See the video review of this Kava here.

This kava, named after a traditional bungee jump ritual in Vanuatu, is a blend of noble kavas that will leave you glued to the couch with a broad smile on your face. It is absolutely fantastic, and mildly overwhelming when it first washes over you. Drink this kava with a bit of care and keep it away from lightweights. If strength is what you’re looking for, then look no further. This is a root blend that competes with many others for the rank of most potent, heady, stony, and pain-killing. Enjoy it!


A spoonful of Nangol Noble powder is very floral and fragrant. The smell of the powder alone is bright and stimulating.


The color of the Kava is a lightish brown. But don’t let it deceive you. It’s strong in flavor and potency.


Effects (Mind) – 10/10
Effects (Body) – 9.75/10
Flavor – 9/10
Strength – Very strong/Extremely Strong. This represents the most extreme place on the spectrum of “strong.” Certainly a weekend Kava.
Best for – Stimulation, creativity, sociability

Bula Kava House Nangol Noble – 9.58/10