Hawaiian Kava Center – Pana’ewa

In a low risk move, I decided to venture back over to the Hawaiian Kava Center website to see what kind of potions Jonathon Yee has brewed up over the past months. After enjoying his Moi, Hiwa, and Nene, I decided to try something completely different – Pana Ewa.

This Kava squeezes out unusually dark – an almost chocolate-covered almond hue. But don’t let the color fool you. This stuff goes down as smooth as silk. It is delicious and has the perfect suite of smoothy, nutty, earthy tones.

While this Kava might come across initially as anti-anxiety warrior, it creeps in and sets you running for the nearest easy chair. It it what I would consider a jumpy Kava – hurtling you from complete relaxation and calmness to total giggliness and creativity. Don’t underestimate this Kava by throwing back too many shells before you’ve felt the first one. You might very well wake up in Port Villa laying on a bench (wait, that would be a good thing, right?)
Effect (Mind) – 9/10
Effect (Body) – 9/10
Flavor -9/10
Strength – Initial Medium Strength with a Strong Creeping Effect
Best for – Complete Relaxation at the end of the day, Weekend Kava, No next day efects
Overall – 9/10

Author: Kavasseur

Farmer and humanitarian aid specialist.

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